Treatment – Toddlers to Teens

OK, so you’re ready to visit our office. What happens next?

In this section we give you an overview of the pediatric dental process, what to expect when we get started, treatment options, important tips to promote great oral health, and so much more!

Why See a Pediatric Dentist?

Because we stress preventive dentistry, it’s important we regularly monitor the development of your child’s teeth. When necessary, we also provide other pediatric services such as restorative dentistry, as well as interceptive orthodontic treatment to enhance your child’s bite and smile. As a pediatric practice, we don’t just treat the mouth, we treat the entire child. This means offering comfort and compassion, as well as the ability to see every child as an individual. We feel it’s important for every child to feel good about oral health — a healthy smile contributes to health and self-esteem. We motivate children to take responsibility for their oral health because nothing makes us happier than seeing our kids taking pride in their smile throughout their lives.

Our pediatric dentists have comprehensive education in behavior management, sedation, conscious sedation, and anesthesia techniques so you can feel comfortable that your child will receive the best relaxation treatment based on their needs. For our patients who require extensive care or who are medically compromised, we offer hospital dentistry.

No matter the age of your child, from toddler to teen, the beginning of a great smile begins with the first visit.