Responsibility For Your Oral Health

One of the things we stress at our practice is the importance of taking responsibility for your own oral health. There are plenty of things the dentist and hygienist can do to help your smile stay healthy, but the major responsibility for taking care of your teeth and gum belongs with you.

And there’s more to taking care of your oral health than brushing and flossing regularly. All kinds of factors can have an effect on your oral health. In fact, if you read Diet and Dental Decay you will find that diet plays an important role in a healthy smile and fresh breath. Check out the section on Smoking — did you know that smokers have a 10 times greater incidence of periodontal disease than non-smokers?

Brush regularly. Floss regularly. Watch what you eat. And educate yourself on how to take care of your gums and teeth so you have a healthy and bright smile for life.