Children with Special Needs

Our advanced training allows us to understand and work with children with special needs whether physical, emotional, or both, and makes us an ideal choice for their care.

We are able to provide the special planning and treatment that may be required for chronically ill children and/or children with congenital heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and other conditions. Children with Downs Syndrome, oral clefts and other conditions may be more susceptible to delayed/accelerated tooth eruption, bite problems, missing/extra teeth, and other defects that we are able to treat.

Our Pediatric dentists have comprehensive education in behavior management, sedation, and anesthesia techniques so you can feel comfortable that your child will receive the best relaxation treatment based on their needs. For our patients who require extensive care or who are medically compromised, we offer hospital dentistry.

No matter the needs of your child, we maintain that the best treatment is preventive dentistry. Bring your child to our practice and we will plan a preventive program that will help your child enjoy a great smile.