Dr. Miller’s interview for Parents.com

http://www.parents.com/recipes/scoop-on-food/the-worst-foods-and-drinks-for-kids-teeth/ The Worst Foods and Drinks for Kids’ Teeth By Sally Kuzemchak Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock I confess: I’ve got a mouthful of cavities. I blame it on my lifelong sweet tooth, less-than-stellar dental habits as a kid, and bad luck in … Continue reading

Dr. Miller’s visitor

Dr. Miller’s grandson made a visit to our office recently.  He sure melts Dr. Miller’s heart!

Dr. Miller, President of the AAPD

Our office celebrated Dr. Miller’s return from his induction ceremonies for the Presidency of the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry).

Congratulations to Dr. Miller on his Presidency

Congratulations to Dr. Miller on his Presidency of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  The AAPD is comprised of nearly 10,000 members is recognized as the authority on pediatric oral health care and leader in development of oral health policies … Continue reading

Food Bank Back Pack for Kid’s Barrel

Each and every one of those stickers is worth $1 to the Food Bank Back Pack for Kids Program. It was so much fun for us to see the barrel get full of stickers. We had nearly 4,000 stickers. We … Continue reading

Dr. Trujillo just back from a continuing education class in Oral Conscious Sedation

Our office is one of the few offices in northern Nevada who provide in-office Oral Conscious Sedations for those patients who require something to help them have less anxiety during dental treatment. When nitrous oxide, laughing gas, is not enough … Continue reading

Sealants work! They really do!

Just wanted to give you a shout-out for my premolar sealants. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on them from my dentists in SLO. 22 years and still no cavities, woo hoo! Maddie This is one of the nicest compliments Dr. Trujillo has … Continue reading

Art Day

And you thought a “Tooth Was Just a Tooth”.  Our artists created clever, creative artwork drawing a tooth.  Check the new artwork out the next time you are visiting the office.  We hold Art Work Days throughout the year.  If … Continue reading

Dr. Trujillo’s hidden talent

Dr. Trujillo shows off his artist side making pet rocks for his daughters

How Often Should My Child Have X-rays?

It depends on your child. Often, with children that have a high-risk of tooth decay, we take X-rays every six months. For children less at risk, the frequency is less. It’s important for us to take X-rays because they give … Continue reading