Dr. Miller’s interview for Parents.com

http://www.parents.com/recipes/scoop-on-food/the-worst-foods-and-drinks-for-kids-teeth/ The Worst Foods and Drinks for Kids’ Teeth By Sally Kuzemchak Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock I confess: I’ve got a mouthful of cavities. I blame it on my lifelong sweet tooth, less-than-stellar dental habits as a kid, and bad luck in … Continue reading

Dr. Miller’s visitor

Dr. Miller’s grandson made a visit to our office recently.  He sure melts Dr. Miller’s heart!

Dr. Trujillo playing in Deep Ellum

Dr. Trujillo recently played with his group Deep Ellum for the Jason Eberle, DDS Memorial Fund.

20 Years!

Shaun has been our Office Manager now for 20 years!  We look forward to 20 years more!

Galena Fest 2013

We enjoyed supporting the Arts and Craft section at Galena Fest 2013.  The event highlighted both a Mountain Bike ride and a Trail Run. This year there was an additional Cyclo-Cross events.  Really wonderful event.  

Dr. Trujillo’s hidden talent

Dr. Trujillo shows off his artist side making pet rocks for his daughters

How Often Should My Child Have X-rays?

It depends on your child. Often, with children that have a high-risk of tooth decay, we take X-rays every six months. For children less at risk, the frequency is less. It’s important for us to take X-rays because they give … Continue reading

How Important Are Baby Teeth?

Many parents wonder why we need to fix baby teeth if they’re only going to fall out. Baby teeth may be more important than you think. They play a major role in your child’s appearance and developing self-image, they serve … Continue reading

When Should I Schedule My Infants First Check-up?

We recommend that you bring your infant for a check-up by their first birthday. You may wonder, “Why are baby teeth so important if they’re only going to fall out anyway?” That’s a question we hear quite often. Well, baby … Continue reading

Specialists in Growing Smiles and Brightening Lives!

We provide gentle, caring comprehensive & preventative dental care for infants, children & adolescents in a warm, caring, safe and fun environment. Our dentists are Pediatric Specialists, the pediatricians of dentistry, they have completed 2 to 3 years additional specialty … Continue reading